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You plan to settle down in Provence ? For professional or personal reasons ?
You are far away and have only a short time to find your future home ?
You want to rent or buy ?
You are worried about the impact of this relocation on your family ?

Put the odds on your side ! I will help you in this exciting project !

Created in September 2012 …

S’installer en Provence Relocation is designed to support French or foreign employees or freelancers in their mobility to Provence.

Why choose S'installer en Provence ?

We offer services that allow you or your employees to move and settle serenely in your new home.


Benefit from an easy and accelerated installation by a personalized service


Optimize your costs & travel time related to finding your future home

Single interlocutor

Centralize all your processes thanks to a single point of contact


Benefit from the expertise and network of the relocation consultant in his region

Time saving

Discharge yourself from the home search to focus on visits within a time frame tailored to your needs

Smooth transition

Reduced mobility stress for the well-being of the family


Promote the success of your mobility thanks to complete support

Who am I ?

Sandrine Glorieux

Borned in Avignon, I graduated in Finance at the Troyes Business School. I studied one year at the University of Stathclyde in Glasgow (Scotland) in order to improve my English.

After 10 years in Finance in Agri-Food and Tourism, I followed my husband in Germany for professionnal reasons. We stayed there nearly 4 years and was then convinced about the great benefit of using relocation services in the success of expatriation.

Since march 2012, we are back in beautiful Provence where I have created my own relocation company. With my personal network, my international experience, and my knowledge of the region,I am highly motivated and promise to help you in your project.

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Visited houses and appartments


Accompanied families


Counseled companies

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S'installer en Provence            Conseil en Relocation

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